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Santo Jaime

Santo Jaime’s history begins more than 40 years ago, since its creation by  José Teixeira Rios, in Belo Horizonte, developing a mixture in specific proportions of cachaça, lime juice, and sugar 🍋

The recipe, and its proportions spanned generations, passed through Mr. Rios’ son, Jaime Rios and, in his honor, the product was named Santo Jaime 🍋

This artisanal production is now made by Mr. Rios Senior’s grandson, Filipe Rios, who today is a partner of the Santo Jaime Company, which has the product Santo Jaime (cachaça de Salinas, lemon juice, water, sugar, and care) and Limoncello Santo Jaime (famous Italian lemon liquor) 🍋


In 2018 the idea of producing a Brazilian version of the famous Italian liquor limoncello came to life and we began testing different recipes. Aiming for a sustainable production, our research showed us that we were able to use lemon, instead of lime, for both products, making the whole Santo Jaime and Limoncello’s production ‘lemon-based’.

We studied the very best methods to have a craft and clean production, went after the highest quality fruits in the market and looked for the best grain alcohol available 🍋

Starting with just a few litters for the tests and, after the approval of our audience, we increased the production to the actual capacity. Now we are able to raise even more this craft production, and the following steps are to make it dramatically bigger 🍋